By Yatish S.

TOP 2 Tech Stocks Under $20

Diversify your portfolio with affordable tech stocks. Here are two companies with shares under $20.

Palantir (PLTR) is a market leader in artificial intelligence (AI). Its AI-first approach to data processing software makes it a top pick.


In Q2, Palantir's revenue increased by 13% to $533 million, with government contracts accounting for more than half. 

Also, Palantir's stock is up nearly 140% year to date. Trading at 15 times sales, it remains a top AI pick available for around $15 per share.

dLocal (DLO) addresses payment infrastructure issues in emerging economies, enabling merchants to process payments in 37 countries, serving clients like Nike, and Amazon.

dLocal (DLO)

dLocal's processed payment volume rose by 80% year over year to $4.4 billion in Q2, driving a 59% increase in revenue.

After solid Q2 results, dLocal's stock jumped by nearly 40%. Still available for under $20 per share, it trades for 33 times forward earnings, making it an excellent buy now.

Palantir and dLocal operate in high-growth tech areas and have stocks accessible to small investors.