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Welcome to Bullish Brokers, your trusted source for stocks, investing, personal finance, and business. My Name is Yatish S, and I am an software engineer by profession. After getting graduated in 2015, I pursued a course in Business Analytics from EduPristine where I learned about Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Time Series Data. There, I gained interest into business and finance.

After earning an engineering degree and working for a few years in tech sector, I decided to pursue career in finance. I even did a course on Udemy and Coursera to get hands-on knowledge on finance, investing and stocks analysis. I completed “The Complete Financial Analyst Training & Investing Course” by Chris Haroun. Below, I have attached the certification as well.

Then, I pursued another course, which was a Personal Finance Course, which helped get complete knowledge on the Personal Finance. Now, With the vision of making finance accessible and rewarding for everyone, I left my job and founded Bullish Brokers in 2023.

Here, Our goal is to help individuals and investors like you to get knowledge on what’s going on in the market, how the stock is performing and how will it perform in the future. Plus, we also look into personal finance and business topics as well which are trending around the world.

So, I assembled a team of young financial educators who have the knowledge of this field and turned this website into a informational site talking about stocks, investing such as stock forecast and price prediction.

Since, I am an engineer and trained in Business analytics and AI technologies, so I trained my team to make use data science and machine learning techniques to predict forecasts. The system we use is time-series data, stock events, media updates, and trading volumes on exchanges. The machine learning system automates the prediction based on current stock performance and analysis, leaving us to focus on other things such as telling judgements and opinions whether to buy, sell or hold.

We know forecasts done with machine learning can provide you with with inaccurate results, That’s why we keep on updating our systems with latest and newer technologies.

Besides that, we also discuss topics about personal finance such as how to make money, how to save money, which credit cards are good for you, etc. Here, the goal was to provide our readers with the knowledge about investing wisely and managing money and finances in the easiest way possible.

At Bullish Brokers, we believe that your money should work for you. So, Our mission here is to empower you with the knowledge, tools and community you need to unlock the potential of the markets and achieve your financial goals.

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