Terms and Conditions

Your access and use of this website indicate your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. If you do not concur with these stipulations, please refrain from using the Bullish Brokers website.

For clarity in this document:

  • “Client”, “You”, and “Your” refer to the individual accessing and using this website, agreeing to the company’s terms.
  • “The Company”, “We”, “Our”, and “Us” denote Bullish Brokers.
  • “Party” or “Parties” encompass both the client and Bullish Brokers.

All terminologies in this document pertain to the mutual agreement, acceptance, and any necessary transactions to facilitate our services to the client. This is executed in the most suitable manner to cater to the client’s requirements concerning the services offered by the company, all while adhering to the prevailing laws governing our operations. Any variations in the usage of singular or plural terms, capitalizations, or pronouns are considered synonymous in this context.


Bullish Brokers utilizes cookies to enhance user experience and site functionality. By accessing our platform, you consent to our use of cookies in alignment with the Bullish Brokers Privacy Policy.

It’s commonplace for interactive websites, like ours, to deploy cookies. These facilitate the retrieval of user-specific details during subsequent visits. Our implementation of cookies ensures optimized functionality across various sections of our website, streamlining the experience for visitors. Please be aware that some of our affiliated advertising partners might also employ cookies.


1. Intellectual Property Rights

All content and materials on Bullish Brokers, unless otherwise indicated, are the exclusive property of Bullish Brokers and its licensors. These intellectual property rights are fully reserved. Users are granted permission to access the content on Bullish Brokers solely for personal use, subject to the stipulations in this agreement.


Users are expressly forbidden from:

  • Republishing content from Bullish Brokers.
  • Selling, renting, or sub-licensing content from Bullish Brokers.
  • Reproducing, duplicating, or copying content from Bullish Brokers.
  • Redistributing any content from Bullish Brokers.

This agreement becomes effective from the date of access.

2. User-Generated Content:

Bullish Brokers provides sections on the website for users to share and exchange opinions and information. We do not pre-screen, edit, or endorse these comments before their publication. The comments solely represent the perspective of the individual poster and not that of Bullish Brokers or its associates. Bullish Brokers disclaims liability, as permitted by law, for any repercussions, liabilities, or damages arising from such comments.

Bullish Brokers retains the authority to oversee user comments and reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate, offensive, or in violation of these terms.

By posting comments, users affirm:

  • They possess the requisite rights and permissions to post the comments.
  • The comments do not infringe on any third party’s intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, or trademarks.
  • The comments are devoid of defamatory, libelous, offensive, or unlawful material.
  • The comments will not be utilized for illicit promotions or commercial endeavors.

Upon posting on Bullish Brokers, users grant the company a non-exclusive license to utilize, modify, and authorize others to use and modify their comments across various media platforms.

Hyperlinking to our Content

1. Pre-approved Entities for Hyperlinking

The entities listed below are permitted to hyperlink to our website without obtaining prior written consent:

  • Government agencies
  • Search engines
  • News organizations
  • Online directory distributors (in a manner consistent with how they link to other listed businesses)
  • System-wide Accredited Businesses, with the exception of soliciting non-profit organizations, charity shopping malls, and charity fundraising groups.

Such entities can link to our homepage, publications, or other website content provided the link:

  • Is not misleading or deceptive
  • Does not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval of the linking entity and its products/services
  • Aligns with the context of the linking entity’s website

2. Consideration for Other Link Requests

We may evaluate link requests from:

  • Recognized consumer and/or business information sources
  • Dot.com community sites
  • Charitable associations or groups
  • Online directory distributors
  • Internet portals
  • Professional firms in accounting, law, and consulting
  • Educational institutions and trade associations

Approval will be based on criteria such as:

  • The link not portraying us or our accredited businesses in a negative light
  • The organization having no adverse records with us
  • The visibility of the hyperlink benefiting us
  • The link being in the context of general resource information

Entities fitting the above criteria may link to our homepage, ensuring the link:

  • Is not misleading
  • Does not falsely imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval
  • Is contextually appropriate on the linking entity’s site

Interested organizations from the above list should reach out to Bullish Brokers via email, providing details such as organization name, contact information, website URL, intended links to our website, and desired links from our site. Please allow 2-3 weeks for a response.

3. Approved Linking Methods

Organizations granted permission may link to our website using:

  • Our corporate name
  • The specific URL being linked to
  • A relevant description of our website that aligns with the content and format of the linking party’s site

Please note, the use of Bullish Brokers’ logo or other artwork for linking requires a separate trademark license agreement.


Utilizing iFrames to encapsulate our web pages is prohibited unless explicit written consent is obtained. Any such framing must not distort or modify the visual representation of our website.

Content Liability

Bullish Brokers is not accountable for content appearing on your website. You commit to indemnify and shield us from any claims arising from your website’s content. It is imperative that no links on any website be construed as defamatory, obscene, criminal, or as infringing or advocating the infringement of third-party rights.

Reservation of Rights

Bullish Brokers reserves the right to request the removal of any or all links to our website. Upon such a request, you are expected to promptly comply and remove the specified links. We also retain the right to modify these terms and conditions and our linking policy at our discretion. By maintaining links to our website, you acknowledge and agree to adhere to these terms.

Removal of Links from our website

Should you encounter any link on our website that you deem inappropriate or offensive, please notify us at your earliest convenience. While we will evaluate such concerns, we are under no obligation to act upon or directly respond to such requests.

While we strive for accuracy, Bullish Brokers does not guarantee the correctness, completeness, or timeliness of the information on this website. Additionally, we do not commit to ensuring continuous website availability or that the content remains updated.

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