By Yatish S.

9 Dollar Store Items Rich Always Buy

With their immense wealth, you might not expect millionaires and billionaires to step foot into a humble dollar store. But, Here are 10 dollar store items rich people always buy.



Dollar stores actually have name brand batteries for much cheaper than grocery and convenience stores.

Greeting Cards


You can find greeting cards for every occasion at dollar stores for a fraction of the price of Hallmark cards.

Kitchen Utensils


While rich people may have expensive cookware, they still get basic kitchen items such as kitchen towels, oven mitts, spatulas at the dollar store.

Cleaning Supplies


Sponges, microfiber cloths, glass cleaner and other cleaning basics can all be purchased affordably at dollar stores.

Office Supplies


Rich people running businesses and households stock up on pens, tape, notepads and other desk supplies regularly.

Reading Glasses


Need to see something small up close? Grab a pair of reading glasses for a buck at the dollar store. Rich folks do the same.

Gift Bags


For wrapping presents on a dime, rich people hit up the dollar store selection rather than high-end department stores.

Holiday Décor


Budget-savvy rich people supplement expensive decorations with some dollar store holiday flare.



For quick bites, cheap plushes of movie characters for kids or snacks on road trips, dollar stores offer convenience when even millionaires get a craving.


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