By Yatish S.

You Won't Believe What Shocking Fake News X's AI Just Created

Grok , X's AI chatbot, came at the center of controversy for generating misleading headlines and fake news on X.


On April 4, 2024, it reported that Iran had attacked Tel Aviv with missiles, and this piece was showing on trending news section.


But, Iran did not attack Israel. The headline was completely fake.


In another case, It created a bizarre news during solar eclipse, claiming that the sun was exhibiting "unsusual behavior", which baffled experts and created panic among X users.


This shows a big problem with using only AI to generate news, especially without humans to check all the facts. Also, This can make people trust the news less.


Besides, X promotes stories that get a lot of attention, even if they aren't true. This leads to the spread of false information, making people believe that it is true.



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