By Yatish S.

8 Signs Your Boss Wants You Gone

Feeling a change at work but can't identify it? Subtle changes in the way you're treated could be a signal that they're quietly planning your exit. Here, are 10 signs.

Exclusion from Meetings or Projects


Being consistently left out of important meetings or projects where your input used to be valued could be a sign.

Lack of Communication


If your boss or colleagues have stopped communicating with you as frequently as they used to, this might be a red flag.

Negative Feedback 


Receiving criticism without any constructive feedback or suggestions for improvement can be a warning sign

Being Micromanaged


If your boss starts micromanaging every aspect of your work, it may suggest a lack of trust or satisfaction with your performance.

Denial of Opportunities


If you're being overlooked for training programs, workshops, or any other opportunities for growth, it might indicate a lack of investment in your future at the company.

Reduction in Responsibilities


A sudden or gradual decrease in your workload or responsibilities without a valid reason can be a subtle hint.

Poor Performance Reviews


Consistently poor performance reviews, especially if they don't align with your self-assessment or previous reviews, might be a sign.

Change in Attitude


A noticeable change in your employer's or manager's attitude towards you, from positive and supportive to distant and cold, can be a signal.


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